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Get To Know the Tall Tree Music Festival 2017 Headliners! [Playlist]

Last week, Tall Tree Music Festival unveiled their 8th year lineup to massive fanfare. There really is something for everyone at this festival, and this lineup release clinches it. Bringing in some of the most-talented and well-deserving artists from across the world, this years lineup boasts artists from 7 different countries, as well as a horde of local and up and coming artists. You’re certain to find something you love! Between the world beat flair of Beats Antique performing with their live band set, the blistering rock sounds of Tokyo Police Club, the electronic rock fusion of Shapeshifter, and all the way to the heavy bass antics of Stylust Beats and the rest of our DJ lineup, this year brings together so many different genres it’ll make your head spin!

But, there are a ton of artists on here that maybe you haven’t heard of yet. We here at Dance Music Northwest have put together a playlist of some of the best tunes from our amazing selection of artists, so get familiar with our official DMNW Tall Tree Headliner playlist, available on Spotify or Soundcloud!

So there we have it folks, the talent is amazing, right? One thing we always appreciate about this unique fest is the total attention to detail; it really shows their dedication to having a good time. Stay tuned for our part 2 playlist to acquaint yourself with the rest of the lineup!

Who’s stoked for Tall Tree?! Let us know in those comments!