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The Gaslamp Killer is Suing Over Rape Accusation

In October a woman by the name of Chelsea Tadros accused William Benjamin Bensussen, better known by his stage name, The Gaslamp Killer, of rape. She accused The Gaslamp Killer of drugging and raping her and her friend in 2013, at The Standard in Los Angeles. These accusations were made publicly on Twitter.

Since the accusations, The Gaslamp Killer has had to stay silent for legal reasons, until now. He recently came forward on Facebook saying that the accusations are false, and that he is suing Tadros. By suing Tadros, he is trying to bring order to the process of dealing with this issue. “I am not trying to silence her. In fact, I am hoping to open a dialogue in which to examine this event in front of a judge and jury, rather than trial by social media.” He also shared witness and toxicology information.

Tadros also has shared information about the case and has been open about her thoughts on Twitter. Both are not holding back, and are letting us in on a major issue. Though we do not know what happened, we do know that both are not backing down. Both are ready to share their side of the story with a jury, and us.