Gareth Emery’s Laserface Show Hits Seattle in April

Gareth Emery has had some incredible Washington State visits over the years. Many people were first exposed to his music at either Paradiso 2013 or Freaknight 2014. More recently he has made numerous nightclub visits to Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. Now for the first time ever, Emery is bringing his Laserface production to Seattle, and the Wamu Theater on April 6, 2019

If you haven’t been exposed to Emery’s Laserface show then please view his September Vancouver performance with his full production.

The Laserface production is a partnership between Gareth Emery and Anthony Garcia

This is quite an event for the Seattle Trance Family. We are lucky that Gareth Emery has decided to bring one of the biggest productions in music to the Wamu Theater. Emery has confirmed that he will be playing his newest songs, Lionhearted, Take Everything, and Kingdom United in Seattle. What other songs do you hope that he brings with him?

This event will surely be one of the top five best shows of the year. You won’t want to miss out on the experience. Tickets are still available on Gareth Emery’s website.

Are you going to Laserface? What are some of the best Laser performances you have seen? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!