G Jones

G Jones Is Bringing Bass To The Northwest With 3 Tour Stops

G Jones, the iconic bass master and collaborator embarks on The Ineffable Truth, a country wide tour where he’s bringing his particular brand of hard-hitting basslines.

Accompanied by notable artists such as Bleep Bloop, Truth, Yheti, and Charlesthefirst, The Ineffable Truth is sure to be a tour filled with daring beats, throwback jams, and experimental sounds. And of course all the bass you could ever want.

Whether you’re a fan of dark bass, riddim, or classic dubstep, G Jones has something for the bass enthusiast in all of us. G Jones fuses genres together with ease and amplifies them with his excellent production techniques. Add to that the attention to detail G Jones brings to all his tracks and you have a recipe for a great show. Except the unexpected where G Jones is concerned. Expect to be surprised. And to quite possibly break your neck. G Jones is excellent for that!

Luckily for the Northwest, G Jones is making not one but three stops in our neck of the woods with tour stops in Portland, Vancouver, and right here in Seattle.

Tour Stops In The Northwest

Tickets for G Jones The Ineffable Truth tour are on sale now. Grab them before their gone and check the tour dates below for more information and ticket links.