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G Jones Announces Visions Tour with 5 Stops in the Northwest

A northwest favorite since his appearances at Shambhala and Freaknight 2016, G Jones has something exciting for us in 2017. The bass-heavy artist provides a distinct sound that has captured our attention. Its mix of spacey, industrial sounds and hard-hitting wubs made him quick to rise this year. In lieu of Thanksgiving festivities, G Jones made a big announcement this week that has caused the northwest to erupt with excitement.

G Jones released the final single of his Visions EP, Pull Out on SoundCloud this week. Pull Out captures G Jones industrial vibes with an upbeat, yet suspenseful melody. Other singles including Collision Course, Fuck What You Heard, and Lavender Town VIP are also on the track list for Visions. The EP is planning to release in early 2017.

The release of Pull Out coincides with G Jones’ 2017 tour announcement, The Vision Tour. This will surely feature the EP, as well as our favorite bass heavy G Jones tracks. The tour will kick off in Washington D.C on January 27th, and make its conclusion here in the northwest in April. We are lucky to get five total stops here in the Pacific Northwest, spanning from B.C. to Portland. G Jones fans across the region rejoiced as Facebook event pages popped up on social media.

G Jones will be stopping in Portland first on April 1st at Wonder Ballroom. You can get tickets here for $22 after fees and taxes. The following week the Visions Tour will be heading up north. From April 6th – 8th, G Jones will take the tour to Maxx Fish in Whistler B.C, Wild Buffalo House of Blues in Bellingham, and Red Room in Vancouver B.C, respectively. Tickets for Bellingham and Vancouver are currently unavailable, but will release as the date gets closer. You can find all stops and ticket information here on G Jones’ website.

Lastly, the Visions Tour will conclude in Seattle on April 22nd at Nuemos. The event is 21+ and you can get tickets here for $18 after taxes. Which northwest performance will we be seeing you at for the Visions Tour? Share your response, as well as your favorite Visions singles in the comments below!