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FuntCase Walks in Our Shoes & Promises to Keep Things Epic

When we think about our favorite DJs we often think of them as they are now — how we know them — but we forget that most of them used to be just like us. When our favorite DJ gets announced at a venue in town, we get tickets as soon as we can and sometimes travel a long way to see our favorite artists. We stand outside in the cold or rain outside the club fantasizing about the bouncers finally checking our IDs and letting us into our safe haven. Finally, once we’re all situated inside we’ll dance for hours and sacrifice sleep before a workday if necessary, because this is what we love.

Recently, Northwest bass favorite FuntCase shared a story with us on Facebook about his experience going out to a show just like anyone else (mostly). He spent an hour getting there on the metro, he waited in line in the cold for the bouncer to let him into the club, then once inside he danced at the front of the crowd and talked to new people. Unlike the average raver, he also popped backstage to say hi and hang out with those he knew for a bit. When all was said and done it took him a couple hours to get home and he had to wait in the brisk morning air with hundreds of other people crowded on a platform waiting for the metro to open, and then again for the train itself.

The experience reminded him that it’s not always easy to go out and see your favorite artist. Sometimes it may be, but sometimes it does take hours of travel time and standing around waiting — hours that far outweigh the artist’s set time. But we do it. Sometimes you may even drive to Canada after work to go see Eric Prydz and drive back home on three hours of sleep so you can be back in time for your next shift. Totally theoretical, of course.

“Whether you’ve traveled 1 mile or 1000 miles, I thank you all so deeply.”

Rest easy knowing that FuntCase has promised to make each and every one of his sets epic enough to make your efforts worth your while. He’s never disappointed us yet, but it’s nice to know he’s keeping the bar high. Check out his post & let us know what you think!

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a show? Who was playing? Worth it?