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Listen to The Funkee Wadd, Live At Tall Tree [Pt. II Exclusive Download]

You thought we were done with our exhaustive coverage of Tall Tree Music Festival, right? Well, when we heard about the opportunity to relive another amazing mix (with a free download), we couldn’t pass it up. With all the special sets that occurred on that beautiful mountain, we must have enough material going into next year!

Earlier this summer we covered The Funkee Wadd’s explosive hip hop education mix, live from the Spirit Stage on Saturday night, but as those who were there can attest to, that was just the tip of the iceberg for Mr. Wadd. After he finished educating the crowd on one of the most near and dear subjects to his heart, he then unleashes an hour of non stop party rockin’ bangers. The man went all over the map, touching on drum n bass, house, trap. Plus, that funk sound we all know and love, and have come to expect from the Funkee-est Wadd we know, of course!

Right from the first note to the last drop, it’s obvious The Funkee Wadd lives and breathes Tall Tree Music Festival. Tall Tree is where he made his mark on the west coast scene. It’s where everything really started for him, and every time the man plays on that mountain, magic happens. As our last article stated, the crowd at the Spirit Stage was live that night. The energy within that tent only added to the frantic, yet sometimes ridiculous nature of the sets, and Kyle’s was no exception.

Beyond Kyle’s incredible skills and track selection were the friends on stage with him. On either side of him were his two gorgeous dancers who kept the crowd pumped up and the energy electric throughout the whole set. On top of that, vocal breaks from UK MC Profit, as well as the lovely Hilary Beckett make this set was easily one of the highlights of the weekend.

If you’re looking for a mix to jam to that will keep you entertained and guessing the whole way through, this is the one. The performance is a culmination of many years of blood, sweat, and tears dedicated to this mountain, and this year was the pay off.

The mix is available on Soundcloud below; give it a share, a like, and get it blasting through your speakers!