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The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – “Word To Spread” Remixes [Review]

What is it about those west coast cats?! Every time you turn around, there’s west coast talent throwing out releases like you wouldn’t believe! This time around, we’re taking a quick listen to our friends The Funk Hunters and Chali 2na’s new remix EP for Word To Spread featuring Tom Thum. The original was a complete heater, causing them to invite some friends along to put their own spin on it. Let us tell you, we’re glad they did. Ranging from 2-step bassline, to drum n bass, plus that funky stuff we came for, this record is sure to have something for everyone.

Starting off the album are the funky sounds of Bristol’s Maha Quest, putting their own horn and string infused funk into the title tune. The melody keeps  your head bobbing. And when it drops into the funk? That’s perfect! The fusion of that wobbly bass sound and Chali’s low rumbling vocals makes it a home run out of the gate! Following is the unmistakable Smalltown DJs sound, full of clicks and whistles, along with that warping marshmallow bass line we know and love.

Erb N Dub follows in the middle, bringing some drum n bass to the album, while making us move the entire time. That classic jump-up sound perfectly pairs with the complexity of the original track; it’s incredible! Afterwards, we dial it back with Mr Leon’s chill vibe remix—a perfect tune for the sunshine, and a masterpiece from start to finish. Next up, we go old school with scene veteran Chamberlain, throwing down a half-time remix that makes you wanna strut and dance all at the same time. It’s certainly west coast bass at it’s finest. Rounding off the album is Edmonton native KØBA with another bass infusion to ensure you jump and get low, while finishing off a remix album to reckon with.

It was hard to beat the original tune, that is for sure, but each artist put their own unique spin on this amazing tune. The remix EP also mixes all of the genres in one concise place, showing the world that these guys are just beginning. Purchase the whole album here and take a listen to the album below.

Congrats to our local dudes for once again smashing it out of the park. Plus, we’re glad to see they brought some friends along to share in the remixes! Who’s excited to see The Funk Hunters this summer on the festival circuit? Where are you most looking forward to seeing them?! Maybe their debut Village set at Shambhala Music Festival? Let us know in the comments!