The Fun, Crazy Things You Can Buy on Dillon Francis’s Online Store

From IDGAFOS Tees to Dillon Drunk-Cooking Your Favorite Recipe!

As festival season comes to a close, a new season is set to begin: back to school! With September inching ever so close, retailers across the globe are unveiling some great deals on gear and apparel that will have you looking right for the new school year. Electronic dance musicians are getting in on the act as well! From DJ Snake and his new “Pardon My French” line to Yellow Claw and its’ “Blood For Mercy” collaborative, many EDM artists are launching lines of their own to cater to the fashion needs of their fans. Even Dillon Francis, one of the genre’s biggest trolls, is getting into the mix the best way he knows how: comedy.

His IDGAFOS online store will yield some fun shirts for you to wear to math class, sure, but there is much MUCH more to be had. Want to see the guy dance to a song of your choice? Or sing a cover of Katy Perry‘s Firework while dressed as a pirate? If you have some deep pockets, those are some of the many wild and crazy, antics available for purchase on his shop. Here are some other goodies available for purchase that made us laugh:

Dillon and NGHTMRE Will Handcuff Themselves To Each Other for 1 Week
Cost: $250,000

Dillon and NGHTMRE: Stuck at the Wrist. (Photo: Dillon Francis Shop)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time: Redo scene as Brian the Dog as a Banana w/ Fat Jew as Peter Griffin
Cost: $20,000

Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter with a baseball bat (Photo: Dillon Francis Shop)

Dillon Francis Will DM Your GF/BF/BFF a Video of Him Telling Them That You Are Leaving Them To Be With Him Because You Are In Love
Cost: $2,000

Would You Dump Your Lover To Be With Dillon? (Photo: Dillon Francis Shop)

Dillon Francis will drink one gallon of chocolate milk in 30 minutes and film it for Youtube
Cost: $6,000*
*Half of the money refundable upon puking

Chug! Chug! Chug! (Photo: Dillon Francis Shop)

You can view the rest of his “awesome shit” here. Do note the restrictions too, a laugh in their own right. If you had a trillion dollars, what would you buy off Dillon Francis‘s online store? Share your wish list in the comment section below!