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Did Gary Richards Announce a New Cruise Party Called “Friend Ship?”

Earlier in 2017, Gary Richards, aka Destructo, shocked the EDM world when he announced his departure as the CEO of HARD Events, effectively ending his tenure as the captain of the infamous Holy Ship. The news garnered tenuous approval, noting that the charisma of Richards at the helm of the boat was one of the cornerstones of the “shipfam,” as the attendees call themselves.

Now, Richards wasn’t down for long. Only a month later, it announced that he was the president of LiveStyle, a rebranding of the defunct entertainment company known as SFX. This new position puts Richards in charge of working with existing festival relationships, like Electric Zoo and Spring Awakening, and launching new brands to North America.

Gary has been dropping some cryptic hints about new projects he’s working on as AMF (All My Friends), even going so far as to drop a link to a website amfamfamf.com

amf all my friends email signup

No info is currently on that website, but you can input your email to stay up to date! (We did, obviously.)

Now, Holy Ship is doing just fine in his absence, but during a recent performance in Brooklyn, NY, Richards dropped the bomb that he was launching a brand new cruise line party called Friend Ship. No other details released with this announcement, but even just the knowledge we could be setting sail on the high seas with Captain Gary is enough to have us ready to throw our hard-earned dollars for a chance to be on the maiden voyage. Watch the space for more details!

What are your thoughts on Friend Ship? Will this new cruise sway ship fam? Share your comments below!