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Seattle-Based Music Producers Club To Host Free Q&A And Producer Workshop

That’s right, you read that correctly. The Music Producers Club based out of Seattle is pleased to bring you what promises to be one of their most exciting events of the year; a free workshop for producers with none other than UK producer Scratcha DVA. Now, be aware that due to strict capacity restrictions, the event is only open to the first 50 people, so make sure to get there plenty early to ensure your entry! This special event will take place at 911 E Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122, and is set to begin Saturday September 27th at 5pm. Don’t fret if you don’t make it, or are unable to attend in person: The whole workshop will be broadcast live on YouTube for you to watch (keep an eye on their page above for the link this Saturday). To top it off, the message of our generous hosts is one anyone in our local scene can get behind.

The Music Producers Club aims to unite producers from all over the world. We are a central hub for musicians to educate, collaborate, remix, and share an insight into the technical and creative production process. -MPC

The event will feature Scratcha DVA of Hyperdub Records. Scratcha will be breaking down a couple of his tracks for all attendees, answering questions, and explaining the technical and creative aspects to his tracks. Producers, or prospective producers, this is your chance to have all your questions answered, and to learn from a true professional for free, and get perspective on what production in EDM is all about!As if all this wasn’t enough, light snacks and beer (for 21+ with ID) will be provided. This truly is an extraordinary opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn about real production techniques.

The Music Producers Club, founded in 2011, hopes that this event will opens everyone’s eyes to their true mission and goals here in the PNW. By continuing to offer workshops, meetings, and lectures, MPC aspires to create an active group of producers who can share, collaborate, and educate one another, inspiring the music scene worldwide.

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