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FREE 2-Hour Serum Crash Course with Warp Academy!

Serum is indubitably the most popular virtual instrument, widely surpassing Native Instrument’s still popular synth, Massive. This expressive, highly programmable, and customizable instrument serves well in practically all genres and styles. In addition to familiar synthesis engines, Serum also boasts a huge library of wavetables and tweak-able features, allowing for a large amount of sounds. With so many features, it can feel overwhelming to really get in complete control of this powerful instrument. Also, a large number of the resources for learning Serum cost major bucks and time (we’re talking six grueling hours of boring lecture-based learning).

Fear not! 

Warp Academy has got you covered, providing a free Serum course on Saturday September 16th, 2017. You won’t want to miss this valuable opportunity to learn from one of the best educational resources for Ableton and Electronic Music-focused learning. There’ll be a 2-hour presentation regarding Serum’s newest features from DJ Vespers and the Warp Academy sound-design team. During the stream, Warp Academy will be giving previews of content included with Darkside Funk, their upcoming Serum sound bank. (We’ve heard some of what it can do and it’s awesome, to say the least!)

Here’s a consolidated itinerary provided to us by DJ Vespers, regarding what’ll be covered in the stream:

  1. Get the sounds you want FASTER than ever
  2. Build wavetables like a BOSS
  3. Shaping Your Sound to PERFECTION with Advanced Filters
  4. Making super EXPRESSIVE leads & basses

You won’t want to miss this stream, so sign up now, as spaces are limited.