4 Up-and-Coming Northwest Artists You Need to Know About!

3. Cats & Pajamas

A very interesting duo that joined the music scene has found quick local fame all over the state. Hailing from Yakima Washington, Cats & Pajamas consists of A.J. Vasquez and Eddie Cervantes who are both students of music. With one being a Washington State Cougar and the other a U.W. Husky, this rivalry found a way to come together to make amazing music!

Though they favor bass heavy genres such as dubstep, riddim and dnb,  Cats & Pajamas do not want to limit themselves or their music, stating:

“We don’t see any limits with music and that allows us to push our own boundaries. We don’t plan to stick to anything in specific we just plan to stick to making what our feelings convey”.

These two music lovers have made their way around the state playing various shows. From Foundation Nightclub to landing their own monthly electronic show at Stubblefields in Pullman, WA – their musical dossier is nothing short of impressive.

Catch them: 2/9 for Imurge Commencement Tour @ The Pin Spokane



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