4 Up-and-Coming Northwest Artists You Need to Know About!

2. Katar

Coming at you from the darker-underworld of trap music is Raynor Wales as Katar. A Seattle native who still nurtures his hip-hop roots. His interest in the world of production began while he served in the United States Army.

About 2 years ago, this local DJ started to dig deep into making his own work. He describes his style as dark trap, explaining that it is characterized by heavily distorted 808 bass, intricate high hats, and less of a focus on the “build up and drop”.

“In 2012 when trap emerged onto the electronic music scene I was already listening to some dubstep and going to live shows and I instantly gravitated towards trap because of it’s stylistic origins rooted in hip-hop instrumentals”

Katar states that his favorite set he has played was his deep-dub step set while opening for the Lost Lands pre-party in Olympia, WA.



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