4 Up-and-Coming Northwest Artists You Need to Know About!

Here in the Northwest, we love to support our local artists.

Being spoiled by big-name artists is absolutely amazing, and something we never take for granted. However, since we are such a passionate and supportive music community, this means paying homage to the artists who often start their sets to empty dance floors. With varying styles and genres of music, there is always local talent to suit your taste! Give the list a peek and make sure to stay tuned for an equally impressive list of local ladies, featuring up-and-coming female talent from the greater Seattle and Northwest area.

1. Inaudible

A new favorite of ours from the House side of things is Kyle Ellisen, or also know as Inaudible. Drawing inspiration from many corners of the music world, Kyle finds that house music is the genre that speaks to him on a creative level.

Having an interest in bass heavy music as well, the shift towards bass house popularity in the past year is a trend that has everyone excited.

Kyle attributes his skill and recent success at production to a few other locals we know and love; Kumarion and Levitate. As previously stated, the Northwest has a supportive and encouraging music community. Having co-founded the event company Waves in 2017, Inaudible has gotten more than a few shows under his belt.

Now with the production of his own music on the rise, he is being noticed and booked for even more fire local events happening this year!

Catch him: 2/2 @ Re-Bar for Thrive, 2/3 @ Ora Nightclub for Kendoll, 2/21 @ Meekong Bar for DJ Sessions



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