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Foundation Nightclub and Mafi Events Present: Outré

It's time to push the boundaries of dance music once more

Continuing our city’s proud tradition of boundary-pushing theatrical club nights, Mafi Events will be hosting their own new event at Foundation Nightclub, simply titled Outré. Seattle has always been a city that fully embraces the wild and weird side of electronic music. We saw that firsthand with the incredible reception for Q Nightclub’s Madness and Kingdom, as well as the deliciously theatrical Cabaret Fridays at Aston Manor. For Outré, the first edition will feature Angelz as the headlining act, but that’s not the only reason to join in the revelry.

“Outré is a show we have been crafting to explore and blur the lines of what a dance night and a theatrical performance can be. We are aiming to bring our audience new sounds and quality artists while we immerse them in an atmosphere of artful production. An emphasis in high production value and connection with the audience. Foundation Nightclub has been gracious enough to give us a home and we hope to bring many good shows to their doors in return.”

Lukas Whitehead and Sean Mafi, the new show’s producers, are Seattle nightlife veterans, throwing themed events over the years at Aston Manor, Q nightclub, The Social, See Sound Lounge, and dozens of other private event venues. The local support for Outré includes Trevor Little, Kidone, and Osh, who also are now Outré residents.

The event kicks of this Thursday, 9/22, and tickets are on sale now for just $10 a pop. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to indulge in the next huge step for Seattle’s local scene, courtesy of our friends over at Mafi Events and Foundation Nightclub.

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