Foundation Nightclub

Foundation Nightclub Hosting Harvey Relief Fundraisers This Week

Here's How You Can Help!

As Houston, Texas, and other parts of the Gulf Coast, continue to be ravaged by flooding following Hurricane Harvey’s landfall last Friday, relief is starting to pour in from across the country. Lending a helping hand: Seattle’s Foundation Nightclub. Tuesday evening, USC Events, and its popular dance music venue, announced it would hold a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser this week with proceeds going to the American Red Cross. With shows lined up from Wednesday to Saturday evening, the opportunity to make a substantial contribution is HUGE. Here’s how you can help.

Ticket Proceeds
Going to see Showtek Thursday night? What about Kill Paris on Friday? Whatever event you go to this week, a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to the Red Cross to support victims of the hurricane!

Cash Donations
Cash donations will be collected all week at the door, with ALL of it going to the Red Cross.

Donate Online
Can’t make it to Foundy this week but still desire to help the folks down in the Gulf Coast? You can donate to the Red Cross directly here. Donations are required to be $10, at a minimum, and are tax deductible.

We’ve seen big turnouts at Foundation’s charity drives in the past. Seattle dance music friends and family: you know what to do.