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Flux Pavillion Calls Out Datsik, But Not For the Usual Reason

File this one under “unexpected”: English-born dubstep powerhouse producer Flux Pavilion called out Datsik, but not over the many allegations of sexual abuse the former Shambhala Music Festival favorite has been the subject of. Instead, Flux (real name Joshua Steele) chose to pose the following question via Twitter:

Upon further reading, apparently Datsik was called out in minor fashions at the time, but one wonders what prompted Flux Pavilion to make the statement in the first place. Datsik has yet to respond, not entirely surprising considering his withdrawal from social media and general radio silence after his infamous “sorry not sorry” so-called apology Tweet.

Cultural appropriation in EDM is a highly contentious and often stormy topic: check out the comments section on just about any article discussing the matter for a sample of the heated discussions around it! For another take, consider the discussion around mock First Nations war bonnets as festival wear a few years ago. However, the differentiation between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation is absolutely an important and worthy topic of discourse and will persist to be one.

What do you make of Flux Pavilion’s spicy Tweet? Do you think his comment on cultural appropriation by Datsik stands up to scrutiny? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

(Author’s note: speaking as a British person with a very dry sense of humor herself, I do think Flux was being facetious when he spoke of Datsik having a “few” questionable moments in his career)