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Flux Pavilion Is The DJ Mag Top 100 Hero We Deserve

Flux Pavilion posted a video to YouTube the other day concerning the DJ Mag Top 100. We understand his frustrations. At DMNW, we feel that the current list does not accurately reflect the true spectrum of talent and diversity within the industry, either. So it’s nice to see someone of merit speaking out on this topic. Even more so, it’s nice to, once again, see an artist acknowledging an issue as well as proposing change and offering a solution.

Flux suggests that we take another look at artists like Flume, Pretty Lights, Gesaffelstein & Brodinski, Snails, Brillz, and Andy C. It’s not so much that he’s telling you to vote for these artists in particular, though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind; it’s that he wants you to really think it over. Don’t just vote for Martin Garrix and Hardwell because they’re popular and at the top already (unless of course those really are your top two).

This time around, consider voting for the underdogs. Vote for the DJs that make the music you love the most. Vote for those who have been killing it for a couple decades, or those who are new to the game and pioneering fresh sounds. Vote for that artist who made that album that changed your life. Vote for the act that you think played the best set at Paradiso.

Check out Flux’s video below and vote for the DJ Mag Top 100 here! And make sure to keep in mind the parameters set by Flux Pavilion for the #Flux100 when you do. It’s time that this list reflects “the music that we believe in.”