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Flume Shares His Inspiration for His Latest ‘Companion’ EP Release

Harley Streten, known popularly as Flume, released his Skin Companion EP II, the second EP connected to his sophomore album Skin. The EP comes at impeccable timing, as Streten also recently won a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

Featuring acts from Dave Bayley of Glass Animals, Pusha T of Clipse, and Moses Sumney, Skin Companion EP II delivers an eclectic sound. Enough featuring Pusha T has a sinister melody with hard, elongated bass tones that pair well with Pusha T’s rapping style. Fantastic featuring Dave Bayley gives you a lot to listen to, and has a dreamy, melancholy quality.

The EP continues the Skin saga’s style of hard-hitting tones, ethereal sounds, and eerie subtleties. It stands true to Flume’s reported inspiration for variety in the series. He explained, “I want it to have really heavy dark moments – I want it to have really bright pop moments [and] festival moments”.

In an interview with triple j of Australia, Flume said, “I’m really happy with how the [Skin] Companion EP II  has come out. There’s so many tracks I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for so long now. I think it’s kind of the end of the Skin campaign.”

With all of this publicity, it is awesome that Flume is able to take the time to share the inspiration for his tracks with fans. Check out his new EP and an “Artist’s Pick” playlist he recently uploaded to Spotify below:

What are some of your favorite songs from Flume’s Skin collection? Do you hope to see similar work from him in the future? Let us know in the comments below!