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Five Must-See Moments at Victoria’s Ska Fest 2017

Saturday @ Ship Point

We were going to list which individual acts DMNW was most excited for, but it turned out that three of them happened to be during the same show, so this just saved a bit of space. But anytime you get Illvis Freshly, the Mad Caddies, and the Skints all on the same bill, just take our word and check it out!

Where & When: Ship Point, Saturday, June 19 @ 4 – 10pm

Booker T Jones

What can be said about Booker T. Jones that hasn’t been said already? A living legend, Booker T. has been influencing music for a span of six decades, and hasn’t really given us a reason he’d be calling it quits anytime soon. At age 72, Jones is making multiple performances and hosting a workshop during his time in Victoria. Something that would take this writer three weeks to accomplish at 33.

Where & When: Ship Point, Thursday, June 17 @ 4 – 10

Can’t afford the $40+ price tag? Watch the Grammy award winner perform and host a workshop FOR FREE at the Vic High Auditorium!

So whether you’re a Victoria local or just happen to be in town during the week, make sure to take advantage of all the free skankin’ around downtown! With Wednesday & Sunday offering free entry, and a countless amount of workshops and other exhibits to enjoy, there’s literally no excuse not to make the effort. See you on the dance floor!