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UK Festivals are Now Offering Prescription-Free Emergency Contraception

It is no secret that more sparks than just fireworks happen at festivals. A number of people have gotten engaged, or even married at their favorite festival. A festival can be an amazing time, but sometimes accidents happen and it’s nice to feel like you have options when it comes to your health.

A number of festivals in the UK this year are providing emergency contraception to festival goers. The service will be offered through a traveling pharmacy, The Medicine Man. The Medicine Man can offer festival goers advice, answer questions and concerns, as well as provide a number of contraceptives that will be offered without a prescription.

As of this summer Leeds Festival, Rize Festival and Bestival are offering this service to festival attendees. This will help with unwanted pregnancies, health concerns and hopefully prevents the spread of STDs with the provision of other contraceptives (emergency contraception does NOT prevent STDs). This is a big step for how festivals deal with health concerns. Maybe by next summer more festivals will have jumped on this idea.

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