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Fedde Le Grand Brings ‘Something Real’ to 2016

fedde le grand something real 2016

Dutch House DJ, Fedde Le Grand, recently released his album Something Real (listen to it here on Spotify). After not having seen a new Fedde album for over half a decade, getting to hear Something Real is truly a unique experience.  While Fedde Le Grand mostly DJs, and has done so in a manner that has garnered them an international stage presence (and, we might add, has consistently stayed in the top 40 for DJ Magazine since 2007), we find that they are just as skilled as a producer.

The album itself seems to venture away from the DJ’s more traditional sound while not breaking away completely. The album still has elements of that signature progressive house sound, but definitely branches out into other genres. It does so in a way that is cohesive and seamless. At no point do any of the songs seem too similar. And yet, while each individual track can stand alone, the album in its entirety presents itself in a manner that boasts a feeling of completeness.

The progression from one track to another didn’t feel disjointed like many other albums nowadays but, rather, felt as if they were each a unique chapter to a compelling story. While we enjoyed the album and are excited to see if there are any tour stops near Seattle, we didn’t find that this album had that sound that was going to redefine a generation. That being said no one really (probably) cares what some music snob thinks about an albums artistic nuances. To be blunt, album reviews are a mostly dead art. (Mostly only because some haven’t really caught on.)

But the thing that stood out most to us here at DMNW was the artist’s genuine attempt to create Something Real. It was this motivation that we hope will reshape ‘EDM’ and take it back to a time before it became a bunch of people ambling about, some just standing, while religiously facing front and center.

In a generation where “EDM” has been commodified and commercialized, we’ve witnessed the rise of a mass produced sound that borders on the generic. While it’s obvious that the Underground will never die and that dance music will always have a platform to thrive, many dance music fans are left wondering, ‘Is this the epitome of EDM in the mainstream?’

And our answer is a resounding no. While it undeniable that a generic poppy EDM sound has made itself a foothold in the mainstream music industry we would like to relieve any and all who are worried or concerned about the current state of EDM. Dance music is going to be here for a while and it will thrive so long as fans, DJ’s, producers & artists alike remember to strive for Something Real rather than sell out for fame and fortune.

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