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Far East Movement Makes Headlines With Multi-Million Dollar Deal

The three-man group, Far East Movement, is making headlines by signing a multimillion-dollar deal with NetEase Cloud Music. NetEase Cloud Music, a streaming service in China, is providing the group with non-exclusive promotional and licensing support when they release a series of collaborations in China. The collaborations will be featuring a Chinese artist each month.

The group is an independent group within their own label, Transparent Agency. Many will recognize the group by their hit single Like A G6 that came out in 2010. In 2016 they did a collaboration with Marshmello on the track Freal Luv.

With the new deal with NetEase, the group will hit a larger fanbase in Asia. EDM artists, such as Alan Walker, also use NetEase to connect with fans in that market. Looking at the Alan Walker fanbase in Asia says a lot about keeping connections on the other side of the world and the effectiveness of these promotional tools.

As the first U.S act to sign a multi-million dollar deal with NetEase, we are excited to see what Far East Movement has in store for us.

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