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False-O-Ween by Vancouver’s SHAHdjs & TURU Crew Celebrates 10 Years

Vancouver has never let us down when it comes to great nights and good music. Despite the unfortunate nickname of “The No Fun City” we’ve always had nothing but fun. While we’re plenty of days from the “Holiday Season”, our friends up north have found yet another reason celebrate and get down. For the last 10 years, Vancouver’s SHAHdjs and TURU Crew have been getting together for a night known as False-O-Ween. An annual night of music, costumes, plenty of decorations and even more dancing to celebrate the half way point to and from Halloween. Think of it kind of like your “unbirthday” because really, any day can be a reason to dance!

Making each year interesting and new, the event settles on an overall theme that plays out through the entire night. Last year’s “Once Upon a Time” theme included an Alice in Wonderland tea party, Big Bad Wolves and even The Emerald City. This year things look to get a little whacky with “Trouble in Toontown”. The possibilities on this one are really endless, and if we’ve learned anything from a SHAHdjs event, we know the decor will be AMAZING. The crew is made up of like-minded creatives that know no bounds when it comes to creating some great production.

We were fortunate enough to make our way out to False-O-Ween last year and can’t recommend it enough. After taking a quick look at the lineup of music for the event. we’re highly looking forward to our second year. Names worth noting are Bass Coast’s Co-Founder Andrea Graham, also known as The Librarian, Max Ulis, Ryan Wells, LEVRIGE and more. There’s certainly no shortage of British Columbia talent here, so if you looking to find some new favorite artists, then this is your show.

Tickets have already gone on sale and are expected to move quick, and at $20-$30CAD we’d expect them to. Taking a break from the usual night out and club scene is always a great way to create memorable nights. False-O-Ween was definitely one of our favorite events from last year and with almost 10 years of experience down, it’ll likely become one of yours too.