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Elevate Your Ableton Prowess With F9 Audio’s LIVE RACKS

F9 Audio has been creating tools for electronic producers for quite some time now. Their products are also renown for being incredibly user and budget-friendly. LIVE RACKS is the latest collection of tools from F9 that utilizes Ableton’s awesome audio, and MIDI instruments and effects. Anybody that uses Ableton should swoop on this new suite. The included instruments and processing not only sound and work amazingly, they are also valuable learning tools to understand the complicated applications of an intricate program like Ableton.

Digital audio production and mixing is often about developing the quality of boring 2-D samples and sounds. Parallel processing layers multiple iterations of a sound on top of one another, creating power, without sacrificing clarity. LIVE RACKS also aids in unraveling the mysterious power of parallel processing, with Live as a virtual teacher of sorts. This process adds punch, power and guts to your mixing.

F9’s founder James Wiltshire has established himself as a production guru; from his tutorials and reviews, to his articles, James has serious experience in the industry. He’s also mixed countless hit records, so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands. James’ honed understanding of parallel techniques and production has transferred into Ableton excellently.

F9 LIVE RACKS includes ALL of these racks:

  • 7 Eq & Dynamics Racks
  • 3 Vocal racks
  • 2 Channel and Stem Racks
  • 2 General purpose racks
  • 3 Drum Processing Racks
  • 1 Kick Processing rack
  • 2 Bass Processing Racks
  • 2 Utility Racks
  • 3 TRINITY Drum Kit Racks
  • 69 Sub racks (building blocks)
  • 54 Sampler Patches (Live Suite only)

It also includes some awesome fantastic-sounding MIDI instrument racks!

This 25-minute video from F9 is a great way to quickly get acquainted with the incredible number of tools included in the package. It also gives some great professional applications of the racks and doesn’t just show you how they’re constructed. From vocal processing to creating fat Moog-like analog bass, and anything in between, this collection is a purchase you won’t regret. It’s great for any producer, regardless of genre or skill-level.

LIVE RACKS is only £14.95 from F9’s website! Also, we’re not sure if this price will last long with how much attention and praise it’s been getting lately. So pick it up today!

Check out F9 Audio’s website for more helpful tools, tutorials, and news!