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[Exclusive] Bandit Gives Go Periscope A Heavy Bass Rework

If there’s one thing the Pacific Northwest has proven it loves, it’s bass music. Dubstep, trap, drum & bass, and beyond, it doesn’t matter; if it hits hard and inspires you to headbang, odds are PNW crowds will show up. It’s why our fair corner of the country consistently sells out large-scale bass events, and as a result, it’s made Seattle the epicenter for killer local bass production. One such project: Bandit, a duo that’s steadily been honing its skills both behind the decks and in the studio.

Between Brandon Noftsger and Jono Evenson, we’ve seen Bandit make massive strides since the pair first started collaborating. Their latest release comes to us in the form of a remix for Seattle mainstay, Go Periscope. The track is called Wasteland, and Bandit’s remix adds a whole new dimension to the already-stellar dance track. Noftsger and Evenson put a midtempo spin on the catchy melody and poetic lyrics, infusing punchy wobbles at each drop. All in all, it’s a product more than worthy of the PNW’s devoted community of bassheads.

You can check out the track below for the full experience, and follow both Go Periscope and Bandit on Facebook and Soundcloud below to stay up to date on all of their upcoming releases.


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