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Basshead Christmas: Excision Drops Two Highly Anticipated Lost Lands Mixes

Lost Lands is a basshead mecca and known to be one of the heaviest festivals around. Heading into the holiday season Excision has given his adoring bassheads exactly what they’ve wanted. No, it’s not their own personal T-Rex, although that would be sweet. It’s a bit easier than that. In fact, it’s his 2018 Lost Lands mix, and a 2018 Lost Lands Compilation, here for your headbanging pleasure!

For those that couldn’t make it, this mix goes hard. It’s a gnarly one hundred and ten-minute mix packed with bass and nostalgic for a simpler time; when dinosaurs tore up the Earth. And if that isn’t enough for you, he’s put together a compilation of tracks for you to peruse. When did Excision become Santa?

It’s not just Spotify for those who use other platforms. His mix is available on SoundCloud and free to download. Listen to it there, on any of the other upload locations, or below!

The release of his Lost Lands set is nothing short of an early Christmas for bassheads all over. It’ll be a long time before we’ll see more of his iconic Shambhala sets, but this two-fer is even better.

What’d your favorite track from his mix? What about his set? Lets us know on Twitter or Facebook!