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Kick Back This Easter With Esta & Alina In ‘The Art Of Persuasion’

Happy Easter Sunday to all! The sun is up and shining, the sky is blue, all in all, one beautiful day. All it’s missing is Esta’s newest jam, a remix of Alina Baraz‘s Art Of Persuasion. It’s the perfect easy-going track with just enough step to get you up and going, and ready to tackle everything this Easter has to offer.

The spacey swooshes and echoing keys pull you into Art Of Persuasion. When Alina’s soft voice glides in with the bass, it’s all over, your ears are no longer in your own hands; Esta has commandeered them. A definite head-bobber, this remix of Art Of Persuasion is exactly what you need this Sunday. Now that we have you hooked, I guess we can tell you about the So On album he also released today on Bandcamp, which includes this track. Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!