Eric Clapton Pays Tribute to Avicii Over Holidays

Eric Clapton showed that though genres and music may sound different, the people that make them and put their all into their art, are the same. This past summer Eric Clapton announced that he would be doing a Christmas album. Along with his classic sound, Eric Clapton also wanted a house track. He was inspired by Avicii. Both Eric Clapton and Avicii were open about their struggles with alcohol.

“I wanted a house track. I was inspired by Avicii. Terrible that he would die so young…That makes me worry about the current generation of musicians. They’re gonna get swept away with different substances or lifestyles, with no real guidance,” Clapton said.

The classic guitar sound that Eric Clapton is known for, along with the house transitions, and sounds, blends together nicely. He is one of the greats, paying tribute to one of our greats. Being able to bring together two genres that would normally stay so separated, is awesome to hear.

Avicii brought new fans to EDM, and now Eric Clapton can do the same with a powerful tribute. When the announcement was made, “In Memory of Avicii” was in the title of Jingle Bells. Now with the release the title changed a little, but the meaning is still there.

Check out a video of Eric Clapton talking about the album below, and check out the track here.