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Eptic Prepares Us For ‘The End’

Never Say Die’s resident mastermind Michael Bella a.k.a Eptic has released the previews for his upcoming EP entitled, The End. Almost a year since the release of his Doom EP, Eptic is back at it again to top the charts. Marking his fifth release under SKiSM’s NSD record label, The End is set to drop on Monday, October 27.

After listening to through the previews, it is no wonder why Eptic is considered one of the most innovative dubstep producers in the business.Tracks like Dimension 7, Death and The End are perfect representations of his distinct style: a mixture of jump-up drum and bass with heavy video game influence. However, She and Level Midnight are looking to be the two standout tracks on the EP, giving us a fresh take on Eptic’s signature sound.

While we’re excited for The End, we certainly hope it doesn’t mean the end for the 20-year-old Belgium prodigy. 


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