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EPROM Announces ‘Pay What You Can’ to Support Planned Parenthood

It’s been an interesting week around the United States. People are scratching their heads, and it seems as if we are more divisive then ever. Many are wondering how they can make a difference during a time of unrest and aversion. Multiple electronic artists have weighed in on their perspective of the election through social media. Some are vocal and looking to make a difference before and during the Trump presidency.

One of our Shambhala favorites, EPROM, is bridging the gap between music and politics. He announced via Twitter a “pay what you can” special on all of his tracks on Band Camp until 2017, and plans to donate all proceedings to Planned Parenthood. This has been one of the hot topics of the political debate, as one of Trump’s platforms is to discontinue funding Planned Parenthood. These changes have left women throughout the country nervous about the future in terms of their reproductive needs and rights. Planned Parenthood provides a variety of other family planning services including free birth control, mammograms, STD and pregnancy testing, and much more. Now, we have the opportunity to donate what we can for our favorite tracks while supporting a cause.

The Portland local’s most recent EP Samarai is on Bandcamp, as well as his classic album, Metahuman. EPROM’s mix of liquid, glitch, future, bass, and industrial  captures a distinctive sound that is truly all his own.  You can purchase EPROM’s tracks and show support for Planned Parenthood here on Bandcamp. Let’s go out and change the world, one song at a time.