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Eminence Give Us The ‘Universe’ With New EP

If you haven’t heard of the Canadian production duo Eminence, it’s entirely impossible you spent the last three years asleep in a soundproof chamber. We’ve been supporting them ever since they blasted out of the Northwest onto the international stage a few years back, ranking 169th in the DJ Magazine in 2012, garnering support from some of the top names in the industry.

That’s all just history, though. Welcome to the future, provided courtesy of Eminence’s new EP, Universe. It’s an accurate title, too, with songs encompassing everything from atmospheric, vocal trance to the pounding basslines of future house. Cut with a balance of instrumental abstraction and concrete percussion, the EP makes it very clear that art and creativity are not dead within the dance scene—they’re just underground.

In all honesty, Universe shouldn’t work. It’s eclectic as hell, and flows more like an orchestral composition than a dance album. If the Glitch Mob and Above & Beyond had a musical baby, it’d be Eminence. But that’s what makes the EP so unique and captivating, and best of all, you can stream it online today.

We’re very excited to see more Northwest artists getting attention on a broader scale, and the fact that Monstercat, a Vancouver label, is behind the release is fantastic as well. This is our area, our scene, our home, and we can’t wait to see what happens with the music on a broader scale. If you’re looking for more information on local artists, follow us on our Facebook or Twitter!