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Embracing the Dark Side: Markus Schulz Revives His ‘Dakota’ Alter Ego

Last year, USC Events awakened the Pacific Northwest trance scene. This year…transcendence. Headlined by Pacific Northwest favorite Markus Schulz, Bliss: Transcendence features a heavyweight lineup that makes this Seattle massive one of the premier North American trance events of the summer. As strong as the lineup is, could there be a surprise in store? Could we see Markus Schulz transform into Dakota?

Last year, Schulz announced the re-birth of his darker, techno-inspired alias, Dakota. Born in 2009 with the release of Thoughts Become Things, Dakota makes its return after a near two year hiatus following last week’s release of Mota-Mota. Featuring a brooding tech sound, similar to that of an underground European nightclub, Mota-Mota serves as the first single off The Nine Skies, Dakota’s latest album.

The Nine Skies is no ordinary album title either; its meaning just as deep as the whole Dakota concept. According to Schulz, The Nine Skies represents the nine steps we all go through to reach enlightenment in life. To help spread this message, Dakota will be hitting the road this year.

“I want people to come to these special Dakota shows and open their minds to its music, message and its visuals- the trinity of which will take them on a journey. Your journey, their journey, everybody’s journey together. Dakokta is darker in its beats, and wiser with the messages it wants to share with the world.”

Who knows what Markus Schulz will have in store for us come May 6th. Will he perform as the Unicorn Slayer we all know and love, or will we go deep with Dakota? Either way, his headlining set will be one you won’t want to miss!

Bliss tickets are currently available. Which artist are you looking forward to seeing? What song are you dying to hear live? Drop a comment and let us know!