Must Die Has Some Sharp Words for EDM Elitism

It is fortunate for Electronic Dance Music to possess so many unique genre and sub-genre categories. Everyone is hoping to create a new sound that will help them rise to the top. There are at least fifty unique sub-genres throughout the mainstream EDM scene. With the possibility of infinite unique sounds, it is remarkable that certain fans decide to exclusively prefer one genre.

What is more remarkable is when these fans trash the remaining genres. For example, multiple fans complained to producer Must Die for having a house opener. Seattle based producer Must Die took to twitter and responded to his fans.

Must Die continued in a twitter conversation, “stop insulting people for playing a (legendary) genre to make yourselves feel more “hard” or whatever.”

Constructive Middle Ground

Fans are allowed to express which genres they prefer. Just don’t cross the line and disrespect another genre. The fans who complained to Must Die did not show any respect. We admit booking a house opener for a dubstep show is odd, but there is a better way to express distaste. If we can find a constructive middle ground our community will become even stronger.

Deep house producer and Paradiso alumni Wax Motif replied to Must Die and explained how he received hate tweets after opening for Zeds Dead on tour.

It is important to give all aspects of music a chance. It is acceptable to not like a certain genre. Try to avoid openly trashing performers who play genres you don’t like. We can find a way to unite the many EDM Genres. The first steps are acceptance and understanding.

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