EDC’s Historic Expansion Into Southern China

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has been drawing in festival goers since the 1990’s and it’s still growing! Insomniac Events originally hosted the first EDC in Los Angeles California then moved their flagship location to Las Vegas Nevada in 2014 after some conflicts and controversies.

The purpose of EDC is to utilize music and art to inspire individuals and ultimately being able to connect with others. This event easily draws in 400,000+ people over the course of three days in Las Vegas; making sure everyone has an unforgettable experience by providing enjoyable rides, colorful stages, and music that is spread across the venue. Over the years, this festival has been able to expand to Orlando Florida, Mexico City Mexico, Tokyo Japan, and Shanghai China and still has plans to further their horizons.

Insomniac Events has announced that they are heading to Southern China to welcome their newest addition to Electronic Daisy Carnival! From November 24-25, Guangdong China will experience their first EDC at Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort.

To welcome Guangdong China to the EDC family, Insomniac Events is bringing out the big guns! They’re making sure you’re crying with Porter Robinson, headbanging with 12th Planet, and feeling like you’re dancing underneath the Mexican sky with Lost Frequencies.

Check out EDC Guangdong and tell us your favorite EDC moment!

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