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EDC Las Vegas 2017: How It Went & What We Learned For Next Year

The countdown for EDC Las Vegas 2017 started the second we left Vegas last year. It felt like a whirlwind but 21st EDC Las Vegas is officially over and the countdown for EDC Las Vegas 2018 has once again begun. This is Part 1 of a 2-part review for the biggest EDM festival in the United States. Part 2 will focus all on music and the sets so keep an eye out for that. So, let’s break it down the biggest 3-day festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, shall we?


If you are traveling from Washington like us, the plane ride is around two hours. Short and sweet. We departed on Thursday, with not a lot of waiting time, and not too big of a crowd on either end. Tip: Buy your plane tickets as soon as EDC announces event dates. Try to fly in early and avoid arriving on Friday of EDC. Also, try to depart on Tuesday or late Monday. You don’t want to miss your flight with EDC ending Monday morning.


If you are staying at a hotel on the strip, make sure you are getting there early and give yourself extra time. We checked into our hotel on Friday and the line to check in took about 45 mins. The strip on Friday will be packed with festival goers so keep that in mind. There will be lines wherever you go, even before entering into the actual venue. Tip: Book your hotel the same time as your plane tickets, as early as possible. As the hotels fill up the rates increase. Try arriving a day or two early to enjoy your stay.


EDC 2017 Shuttle

One of the many shuttles at EDC | Photo Credit:

EDC offers official shuttles for around $90 to help transport you both to the venue and back to your destination. The EDC shuttles have their own route that avoids traffic. That part is wonderful, however the wait is not the prettiest. If you get to the shuttle line an hour before they start running, your wait time is around 45 mins for so. However, the later you get in line, the longer the wait is. Some festival goers did not make it inside the venue until midnight even though they had been waiting at shuttle stops since 8 p.m.

The shuttle after the festival is absolute chaos. Friday, we waited more than four hours in line trying to get on our shuttle to get home. Impatient riders were hoping barricades and fighting to get to the front of the line. The shuttles wait times significantly shorter on the second and third day. Unfortunately, this is a problem Insomniac has every single year, so be prepared. Mentally, and physically, with enough water and a pre-line bathroom stop. Tip: Buy a shuttle pass if you do not have a designated driver. Buy your shuttle early so you can get on the shuttle stop you prefer. Plan to arrive at the shuttle stop early both to and from the venue.


The entry into the venue was quick and easy for shuttle riders. The longest wait was around five minutes each day. For attendees who parked at the venue, the line was slightly longer. Also, as it became later into the night, the line became slightly longer as well. There were many ticket scanners to quickly scan attendees’ wristbands. Shuttle riders had pre-security check at the shuttle stops, which made the entry way more convenient. Tip: Ride the shuttle to avoid long lines to get in.


The food at the festival was way better than you would expect. There is typical festival food in addition to food trucks catering. The food is a little pricey, but it is a festival after all. But the choices were there and you were sure to find something that you will like. Tip: Bring money to buy food. You should not go eight hours without eating.

EDC Merchandise

A little disappointed in this category. We were really hoping to purchase some EDC merchandise to take home but nothing took our breath away. There were a lot of tank top and short sleeve options, however, living in the pacific northwest, some more sweatshirt options would have been great. We heard other festival goers having the same issue. Tip: Insomniac, can you guys make more sweatshirt options?

Carnival Rides

It is the Electric Daisy Carnival so of course, there are carnival rides. There were a couple of ferris wheels and typical rides that you see at a carnival. The wait for the rides was very reasonable. Around 10 p.m. is when the Ferris wheel lines start piling up, as attendees want to watch the nightly firework from the top of the Ferris wheel. Tip: If you don’t want to wait, go at the beginning or the end of the festival. And the rides are definitely a fun little break from the shows.

Stage Setup

EDC 2017

The Kinetic Field was on point this year! | Photo Credit: EDC

If you have never been to EDC, the festival is set up in a circle around a racetrack. There was no extreme conflicting sounds between the stages. Most stages have a lot of room for dancing even toward the front of the stage with the exception of Kinetic Field (main stage). Kinetic Field was always packed to the brim. Art cars also drive throughout the venue. They are smaller stages that are set up between bigger stages, with performances from special surprise guests and up and coming artists. The art cars are only packed when surprise guests performed (such as Kaskade). Tip: Try and check out all the stages. Even if the feature genre isn’t for you, the production of everything is amazing.


When people say you need to prepare your body and mind for EDC, it is absolutely true. With the hot Vegas weather, your body needs to be in top shape before attending this 3-day festival. Even though the festival is at night, don’t let it fool you, it is still burning hot. Getting enough rest, drinking water and having a good attitude are the most important things in attending EDC. Would we do it again? Of course, even though we might need a whole year to recover. It is truly three magical days under the electric sky, with fireworks and bright lights everywhere you go. This is an experience everyone should do at least once in your life.

What are some of your EDC Las Vegas tips? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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