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The EDC Las Vegas 2017 Compilation: Guide To The Electric Sky

Insomniac Records release a 40-track EDC Las Vegas Compilation, and the compilation consists of EDC artists that are set to perform this year at the festival. In 2016, Insomniac Records was relaunched and put out the 2016 EDC Las Vegas Compilation.

You can stream and/or purchase the EDC Las Vegas Compilation here. The goal of Insomniac Records is to explore and choose the best new sounds in dance music. Over the last year, there have been over 21 releases. This is the perfect soundtrack for the trip to the desert or for any road trip to any summer festival. You can view the full track list below.

With EDC only one day away, we couldn’t be any more excited.

  1. SLANDER & Basstrick“Drop It”
  2. Alan Walker & Alex Skrindo “Sky”
  3. Tommy Trash “Hi Sound Lo Sound”
  4. CutSnake “Stomp”
  5. NGHTMRE& Ghastly “End Of The Night”
  6. DesMcMahon “Resonant”
  7. BonnieX Clyde “Rise Above” (VIP)
  8. Treasure Fingers“Only One”
  9. BIJOU“Rock This”
  10. YellowClaw “Hold On To Me” ft. GTA
  11. GRiZ “Wicked” ft. Eric Krasno (Megalodon Remix)
  12. Liquid Stranger“Crunk”
  13. JSTJR“Fried”
  14. Astronomar“Tissue”
  15. ReidSpeed & Frank Royal “Voodoo Princess”
  16. Born Dirty“Jammy Dodger”
  17. Devoted To God“Letting Time Go”
  18. Craig Williams “Not One” ft. Mandy Jones
  19. Corporate Slackrs & Emma Zander“Electric Sky”
  20. Freedom Fighters“Clockwork”
  21. Dombresky“Technikal”
  22. Billy Kenny & Maximono“Das Ist Sick”
  23. Aazar x Bellorum“Ravage”
  24. Bleep Bloop“Venom”
  25. LO’99 & Marshall F“Take Me Back” (Unreleased VIP)
  26. Sage ArmstrongW3rk Your Hip$”
  27. Sacha Robotti“Deemster”
  28. Brennen Grey“Terra Nova”
  29. Will Clarke & Bot“Lil’ Mami”
  30. Nucleya“Take Me There” ft. Kavya
  31. Simon Patterson“Smack” (Waio Remix)
  32. Sinden“Frazzed”
  33. ATICA“Like U”
  34. Coone“Faye” ft. David Spekter
  35. Jayceeoh& Clips X Ahoy “Dancin On My Wrist”
  36. NOA“Take Me”
  37. PAZ“Diplo Tears”
  38. Baggi & PEZNT“Paradise” ft. Rena
  39. Dino & Soothslayer “Elixer”
  40. JohnAskew “A Million Stars”

Which is your favorite track on the compilation? Let us know in the comments below.