EDC Las Vegas’ has quickly made itself into one of the most anticipated lineup announcements of the year, if not just because of its propensity to run right down to the wire. With no official announcement with less than a month to go, Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella made a promise weeks back that May 27th would be the day it all happened. But as time wound down and the work day expired, unrest began to settle in. Meme upon meme began to go up on every EDC-related page, with even Pasquale joining in on the fun on his personal Facebook page. But finally after the long wait, we were all rewarded for our patience.

edc 2014 lineup

For anyone heading to Las Vegas to be under the Electric Sky come June, keep checking back in the coming weeks as Dance Music Northwest provides full-on lead-up coverage to one of the year’s most anticipated festival experiences. For more on the full lineup, head over this way!