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Drunksouls: Daring Reggae Free-Spirits Of France

The Northwest is in the midst of it’s ever-anticipated changing of the seasons, as spring is blooming and summer is right around the corner. 8 months of daydreaming is turning into the adventurous realities of hiking, sailing, heck, even just some good ol’ fashioned outdoor lounging. To help fuel our feel-good vibes, it’s always nice to have some laid-back, upbeat tunes to keep the summer energy flowing, which is why it’s time you become acquainted with Drunksouls.

Hailing far from the Northwest in the city of Marseille, France, the international sensation Drunksouls has more in common with us than we expected. Fusing a smooth style of reggae, rock, and pop, Drunksouls are reminiscent to some of our live favorites like Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Damian Marley. Their music allows listeners to relax and ease our minds, but also offers intellectual thought in their lyrics, letting us truly escape and think beyond our own vantage point. This powerful characteristic of Drunksouls’ message is seen clearly in their Human Race video, which showcases both their live performances as well as French adventurist group Skyliners and their daring quests of basejumping, tightrope walking, and mountaineering. The video has reached over 2 million YouTube views, and has grow their fan base all over the world, most notably the West Coast of the US. Drunksouls’ versatile sound makes them a festival favorite for the easy-going sun-soakers as well as the high-energy dance machines, and perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy a real, live show.

drunksouls live shot

Drunksouls are a festival favorite around Europe, and hope to visit their massive US following in the near future.

Check out Drunksouls’ latest album, Just Before Chaos, on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and follow the fun-loving free-spirits on Facebook and Twitter.