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Double Dillon Songs Put Fans’ “Love In The Middle Of A Firefight”

Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix)

Mr. Dillon Francis recently reminded us that he is still a “Bigfoot” producer with his remix of W&W’s track Bigfoot. Continuing to keep busy and remixing songs has helped distract fans while they wait for Dillon Francis’ first album to be released.  With Money Sucks, Friends Rule being a finished product, Dillon Francis has also remixed Deadmau5′ s Some Chords, which initially came out back in 2010. Dillon Francis’ remix of Some Chords will be found on Deadmau5’s 5 Years of Deadmau5 remix album due to be released on November 25th.

Love in the Middle of a Firefight ft. Brendon Urie

With all but one track “leaked” from his album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, it is without further ado that that track is revealed. Love in the Middle of a Firefight is the last of 12 tracks announced from Dillon Francis’ album. The final song was done with none other than Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. The “radio ready” collaboration will be available October 27th, for those of you who are eagerly anticipating Love in the Middle of a Firefight. To those who know Panic! At The Disco, you are aware that Brendon Urie’s vocals are very distinct. Unfortunately, Love is in the Middle of a Firefight leaves a little to still be desired. We’re not sure if it’s due to the anticipation of a signature Panic! At The Disco line, lyrically, or if the track as a whole lacks the last element of excitement that really makes it a standout piece. Love in the Middle of a Firefight is one of Dillon Francis’ favorite songs he’s made to date, so we’ll be listening to the track a few more times to see if it’ll grow on us more (perhaps it just needs to be listened to on a full system, with the speakers far too loud for our ears to be able to rate it appropriately). Listen to Love in the Middle of a Firefight and let us know what you would rate it!