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Don’t Miss Out On Skrillex’s Live Performance Tonight

Some of us have heard, and some of you haven’t; the winter X Games Aspen 2015 are in full swing! It’s a production like none other this year, including performances from Snoop Dogg, Chromeo, Wiz Khalifa, and yes, Skrillex! Spanning over 4 days, each day promises to be filled with intense competition and great music. If you tuned in earlier today around 3 PM PST, you would have caught Chromeo’s live set. If you missed it, don’t worry, we did too.  We all have Skrillex to look forward to tonight, and no matter where your nightly adventures take you, the Games are sure to be playing on in the background.

But, what channels can we catch it on, and whats the schedule like? We’re glad you asked. The full schedule can be found on the next page. Tune in to ABC and ESPN to catch all the event coverage. Skrillex will be on at 9:30PM Mountain Time, which means 8:30PM PST, so make sure to tune in with us! Don’t have cable? Don’t sweat it. Just like most everything else on TV you can find free streams of it online, here is one we found that works best: Winter X Games Aspen 2015.