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DMX to Usher in Summer in Style With Aston Manor and Upper Left

Grab your best board shorts and tank tops

The Northwest’s music scene is nothing if not eclectic. The hip-hop scene is led by the likes of Blue Scholars and Macklemore (among tons of other talent), while rock music has been buoyed by legends like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. Suffice it to say, we’ve never been shy about welcoming the “something different” side of music with open arms. It’s that exact attitude that will be on full display at Aston Manor on June 12, conceived by Aston resident and music director SHARPS, and marked by a headlining appearance by hip-hop legend DMX. The kicker: It’s being co-hosted by our friends over at Upper Left.

“SHARPS n’ Friends presents SUNDOWN” promises to be about as diverse as it gets for a summer show in Seattle. DMX headlines the mainstage alongside locals like Instant Party!, Sean Majors b2b Justin Hartinger, Mykzilla b2b PK, and Rohry. A second stage hosted by Upper Left will feature PNW favorites Mikey Mars, Foofou, Christian J, and Buckmode. The combined result is a stellar mix of hip-hop, house music, and everything in between. All this is just one chapter in Aston’s monthly daytime party series, kicking off at 5pm, and “showcasing all genres of music.”

DMX - Sundown, Aston Manor

Attire will be summer-themed, so be sure to break out the flip-flops, board shorts, and swim-wear. In terms of pricing, this is about as affordable as a DMX show with 11 other artists will get, at $15-20 per ticket (depending on the tier). So gear up, because the “something different” side of Seattle’s music scene is about to get its day.