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Ekali & Illenium drop breathtaking video for recent collab

Screenshot from Ekali's "Ekali & Illenium - Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Chloe Angelides) [Official Music Video]"
Screenshot from Ekali's "Ekali & Illenium - Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Chloe Angelides) [Official Music Video]"

What could be better than an Ekali & Illenium collab? That’s right. A music video for said collab.

We’ve spent the week scanning the interwebs for new content and this week did not disappoint. In fact, after a thorough lull in early January, we were shocked to see huge waves of new music videos dropped!

Hand picking the best of the best, enjoy our favorites. From German DJs to local heavy hitters, get ready for broken hearts, beautiful women, and . . . Bees?

1. Ekali & Illenium – Hard to Say Goodbye (feat. Chloe Angelides)

If you’re local to Seattle, you may still be reeling from Illenium’s back to back performances at the end of last year. This video should help with any lingering Illenium withdrawals.

Director Jacob Crawford worked directly with Ekali to put together this breathtaking music video.

“The wolf is someone she’s lost in the past she’s having a hard time saying goodbye to. She’s lonely on her journey to escape the past.”

– Jacob Crawford (Director)

Directing a wolf was no easy challenge for Jacob. “I was blown away at it’s ability to hit eye lines and land on it’s mark.” Sweeping landscapes, emotional twists and turns, and lots of symbolism fill this short and sweet video with lots to mull over. If you love eye candy as well as some ambiguity that promotes deeper contemplation, you’ll love this music video.

2. Boris Brejcha – Lieblingsmensch

“Lieblingsmensch,” is German for “favorite-person.” The title calls out the irony in a dysfunctional relationship – the kind where you end up hating the person you’re supposed to love.

The video features a queer couple, capturing tender moments of joy as well as frustrating cycles of broken trust. One photographer and one muse, the two gorgeous women seem like a powerhouse couple, but things aren’t as peachy as they appear to be.

Underlining the cyclical nature of typical relationship problems, the video ends where it began: waking up and remembering the argument from the night before. The rest you’ll have to watch to find out.

Boris Brejcha dropped his first single in 2006 and has steadily gained recognition since then. Oh and if you love these German beats, stick around because there’s more where that came from.

3. Sans Souci – Oxnard

This video shines in terms of production value. The hair, makeup, and wardrobe are so top notch that the video feels like a fashion commercial at times. Shot in a sandy desert, the model cuts through the near empty space with simple gestures. Every move becomes magic thanks to intentional framing. In the edit, beautiful overlays collide woman and train, charging the viewer with an unexpected energy that perfectly matches the emotion of the music.

Sans Souci brings together music producers Jan Benkmann and Jay Frog. The duo rose to fame in Germany, and shows no signs of slowing their roll. Releasing a steady stream of singles and extended mixes since 2015, we’re ready and waiting for more to come in 2020.

4. Whethan – Stay Forever (feat. STRFKR)

Characters, color palette, and concept: three things that caught our attention. In that order, actually. We first see a man dressed in a black and white bodysuit hop on a motorcycle. Immediately reminiscent of Tron, he embarks on a cyberpunk joyride. After that, our hero travels all the way to outer space and back with a 2001 meets Black Mirror twist.

Chicago-native Whethan will be performing in LA and San Francisco this March. But that’s not all! He’s touring with Chrome Sparks and Ramzoid – two other must see producers in the scene today.

5. WHIPPED CREAM & Lil Xan – Told Ya

WHIPPED CREAM, or Caroline Cecile, the short blonde thing from Vancouver Island, regularly lands her tunes on playlists such as “Beast Mode,” “Rage Beats,” and “Nasty Bits.” Packing a heavy punch, her music also carries an emotional weight that catches you right in the feels.

Her recent collab with Lil Xan, Told Ya, celebrates a rise to recognition for this fresh talent. The first music video for the song was released in November, but this tricked out version to go with her VIP mix is somehow even trippier than the original.

If you missed last week’s music video roundup, click here to check it out. Till next time, music video enthusiasts!

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