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DMNW Redefined: What’s Next For Dance Music Northwest and You

Dance Music Northwest was created with one, singular purpose: To elevate our local scene. This journey has taken us to all parts of the Northwest, from weekends in Vancouver, to Mad Decent Block Party in Eugene and beyond. We’ve done our best to highlight the events that define the Northwest. As we mature and improve, our site must move forward along with us.

We have clearly brought changes to our look. Our design is more sleek. Our logo is updated, still capturing the essence of the Northwest while staying in line with our more innovative aims. The flow and layout for you, our readers, is improved. Everything you see here is designed to combat the A.D.D. that plagues EDM journalism, encouraging truly reading instead of skimming. Substance over clickbait. These are the tenets that embody our message, and our new look is here to keep moving this message forward.

Doubling down on Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is the seminal issue of our time as ravers. Personal responsibility has never been more important, and we need our laws to reflect that. We’re lobbying the government, but we need your help. With that, we’ve created a full-service hub dedicated to harm reduction, where you can learn more about how to keep you and your friends safe. It’s a treasure trove of information on safe drug testing, contacting your local government, and of course, how you can get directly involved. We as a community have the ability to save lives, and it’s time we banded together to do it.

Our hub is live now, so head on over in this direction to see for yourself!

Elevation Radio

Music is of the utmost importance to us, and we want to do our part in elevating local dance music talent. We will continue to bring you our Elevation Radio series, where we feature our favorite talent from the region. But now you’ll be able to find it on the sidebar of every page on our site! Big or small, we want your mixes to make it out into the world! Just fill out our contact form and make sure you include “Elevation Radio” in the subject line.

Elevation Playlist

In addition to Elevation Radio, we’re launching a daily Soundcloud mix called “Elevation Playlist.” This curated 7-track playlist will feature new, undiscovered, and local music. Our goal is to bring you as much new music as possible, in the most easy-to-listen-to format. You’ll also find Elevation Playlist on every page of our site. Subscribe to our Soundcloud now!

DMNW Relaunch 2

There’s some fun stuff, too.

Adding a Lifestyle section

We know that clothing, kandi, personality, and style define so much of your rave identity. So we’ve created a new section of DMNW called “Lifestyle.” This is our section filled with the cultural and style aspects of dance music. From fashion to guides for shuffling and shoulder rides, anything and everything rave culture will be found here.

Want to try poi for the first time? Want to know what you should wear to your first Coachella? Need to know the best place to buy kandi supplies? If you want to be ready for your next big event, this is the stop for you.

The DMNW Store: Intelligent Rave Wear

Our merchandise and store is being updated and expanded, with a focus on fashion that represents our Northwest lifestyle. It won’t merely be a selection of our own branded gear. We’re aiming to make it your one-stop shop for everything rave-related. We’ll be featuring merch almost exclusively drawn up by local designers looking to share their talent and passion with our community.

Ultimately, our goal is that with each improvement we make, we are further solidifying what it means to be the voice of dance music in the Northwest. EDM journalism is inundated with mindless content, aimed more for collecting pageviews than helping our scene grow and evolve with the times. We may not be the largest site in the scene, but that doesn’t hurt our resolve in the slightest. You can continue to expect substantive, engaging, and elevating content from DMNW, a renewed focus on music and activism, helped along by a site design that’s been years in the making.

Help us enact real, actionable change in the scene we love so much. Help us Elevate Dance Music.

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