The DMNW Psytrance Playlist Inspired by Dreamstate SoCal

Psytrance has been on an upward trend for some time now. Having huge success at bridging the gap between “basshead” and “trance fairy”, Psytrance has pushed music fans beyond their usual boundaries.

Psytrance has been apart of the U.S. music scene since the beginning! Though it held its status as an underground obscurity for longer than most. With Trance becoming more popular across the board, it’s no wonder one of it’s most intense variations is on the radar of so many.

“…Dreamstate is the main reason psytrance is getting bigger [in America]—because Dreamstate is pushing psytrance and trance in general.” —Amit Duvdevani, Infected Mushroom

Last year at Dreamstate SoCal, a fourth stage was added called The Sequence – an all Psy stage. Being the original Dreamstate event, SoCal is the only multistage version of Dreamstate. Making it one of the largest, and most popular ALL TRANCE events in the nation.

Shambhala, even considered having psytrance added to the lineup, though it has not yet been done. Some may scoff at the popularity growth of psytrance, clinging to its underground roots. Whereas others are rejoicing at the newfound love the American dance community has for the genre. Psytrance is easily becoming more of its own entity rather than just a subgenre of trance.

Whether you attended the event or you’re just a fan of Psy – take a look at the playlist we’ve created as a comprehensive guide to the artists we saw this year at Dreamstate SoCal!

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Playlist compilation co-author: Jordan Ellas