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DMNW’s Favorite Mixes You May Have Missed from Shambhala 2016

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, DMNW has a bit of a crush on Shambhala. With everything the award winning playground has to offer, is it really that hard to see why? With state of the art pK sound pounding across 7 world class stages, the best performers in the business provide attendees with over 3 days of controlled chaos that transcends everything you thought you knew about music.

With so much around to tickle your senses, it’s pretty easy to get swept up in all the craziness and miss some of your favorite artists. Thankfully, releasing a Shambhala mix is basically a rite of passage in this community, and each year more and more artists are willing to make them available for download. Of course, there are some names we’ve grown to trust for an annual release. Artists like Excision, Stickybuds, and the Funk Hunters are as well known for their fabled Shambhala mixes as they are their entire catalogue of music, depending on who you’re asking.

But today, we’re here to talk about those ones that may have fallen through the cracks. Many artists on this list released a Sham mix for the first time and, for the sake of all of us, hopefully not the last. Of course, DMNW is constantly adding to the ever growing list of mixes as they’re shared, but trying to keep up with all of them can be too much once you factor in that whole “working for a paycheck” thing. With that in mind, keep reading as we present you with our list of favorite mixes from Shambhala 2016 you may have missed!

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Everyman Pumpkin Tribute (Pagoda)

With the tragic passing of our beloved Pumpkin earlier this year, EVeryman took over the reins for his best friend and toured the festival circuit in Pumpkins honor, which thankfully included a stop at Shambhala. With Nick in our thoughts the entire time, this recording got to us just as much as the real thing did in August. Beautifully constructed from start to finish, you’ll experience the entire range of emotions over the course of an hour. There’s no question, this one’s going in our lifetime collection.

Featurecast (Fractal Forest)

While Featurecast has provided Fractal Forest with his own brand of bass heavy breaks prior to 2016, this was the first time we’ve been able to play it back from the comfort of our own home. Always drawing a crowd at any show he plays, Featurecast’s signature sound was one of our highlights of the entire weekend! Check out this mix if you want a perfect example of what Fractal Forest is all about.

Stylust Beats 7 Year Tribute Set (Amphitheatre)

Stylust Beats is quickly becoming an artist who is synonymous with an annual Shambhala release, and there’s no argument on our side as to why. While he makes a name for himself with his yearly set at the Village, 2016 witnessed Stylust take over the Amphitheatre Thursday afternoon, as he presented attendees with a 7 year tribute set. The Village may be his flagship, but nothing brought us back to the old days like this one did!

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