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The DMNW Buyer’s Guide to Earplugs and Hearing Protection

Earasers – Musicians Friend

Price: $39.99
Tip Style: Silicone
NRR: 5dB99113

At first glance seeing a 5dB reduction, including the steep $40 price tag would shy most away from the Earasers. We’re here to tell you the exact opposite, and why these were our favorite plugs we tried from the group. Earasers have been making custom molded in-ear monitors and hearing aids for quite some time. The Musician Friend plugs are a marriage of their highly sophisticated sound reduction technology and the demand for affordable hearing protection. We’ll say that these are certainly not your typical plugs, and while some may be a bit pricey, “you only have one pair of ears.”

Rather than reducing decibels on the standard attenuation curve, the Musicians Friend plugs reduce attenuation almost evenly across the curve, and at nearly 19dB where it’s most needed. You can easily carry on a conversation with someone while wearing them and forget they’re even in your ears. They feature a specific Left and Right plug that is color-coded for your reference. Different from other plugs we reviewed, the filter was located at the tip, putting it closer to where your ear is actually working.

Earaser also offers a renewal kit, so as long as you care for the filters you’ll only need to replace the silicone tips from time to time. As we mentioned before, ALL silicone tips wear down over time due to earwax and use, so it’s all part of owning plugs regardless of brand. After we reviewed all 9 pairs we had, these were certainly our top pick. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a better pair than their existing one, or anyone wanting top-notch protection without spending the money on custom plugs.

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