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The DMNW Buyer’s Guide to Earplugs and Hearing Protection

EarLove – Classic and XO

Price: $12 (Classic) & $19.95 (XO)
Tip Style: Silicone
NRR: 12dB (Classic) & 13dB (XO)Unknown-3 Unknown-2

Prior to our initial testing we were under the impression the Earlove brand was its own, but we were pleased to later find out it’s under the already established Etymotic name. Earlove’s founder Carolynn Travis created Earlove back in 2004 as a “friendly, nonjudgmental conversation starter and set about giving away as many pairs of earplugs as she could afford.” She was later found her way to Etymotic Research and its founder Mead Killion after a near deaf experience.

Combining Carolynn’s passion for music and providing quality ear protection with Etymotic’s already established acoustic filter technology, the two have been able to create earplugs that we found provide superb protection. Both the Classic and XO give a near equal reduction across the attenuation chart, with a goal of 20dB reduction (same as the Etymotic ER20XS and ER20s). The XO feature a newer, compact filter, while the Classic stick out slightly more. Both models seem to be identical versions of their Etymotic counterpart, however the Earlove feature an aluminum carrying case, similar to the Earpeace.

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