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DJs From Mars are Invading Seattle, and We Have Your Way In

It’s hard to believe it is already May, and as soon as it has come, it will be gone. This Memorial Day weekend MARBLE PRODUCTIONS and Ora Seattle are bringing DJs From Mars to Seattle.

Based out of Italy, the duo calls their music bastard pop, and alien electro, bringing all genres of music together. And we have your way in for free! Enter below for a chance to win two tickets to the show. 

DJs From Mars mix for a number of artists, Pitbull, Dirty Vegas, Ciara and Coolio, just to name a few, and have toured in the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Australia and more. Fans and artists alike are excited for their work, and now you and a friend get to experience alien electro.

DJ’s From Mars will be playing on May 26 at Ora Seattle from 10pm to 2am, with local support being announced soon. Enter below for you and a friend to party for free. But if you don’t win, don’t let that stop you. Tickets are on sale now with many options, a number of tiers and experiences.

Make sure to check out the event, their music and enter below!

Exclusive DJ’s from Mars Giveaway